Exchange Rates:

The instruction to the customer about the shipment of products from the warehouse:

1. After receipt of the notice of readiness of the products, the Buyer should provide the Supplier with the following information:

  • Date of receipt of the product;
  • Name and passport data of the person authorized to obtain products from the shippers warehouse;
  • Copy of a power of attorney for the representative (scan);
  • Vehicle mark and number, including trailer, if available, submitted for shipment (copies of documents);
  • Contact details of the product recipient: (name, telephone);
  • Place of unloading;
  • Information (letter of trust) about the transport company, in case of transfer of authority to pick up and deliver products from the shippers warehouse by the transport company.

This information should be provided to the Supplier (Shipper) not later than 10 a.m. (Moscow time) of the working day before the day of arrival of the Buyer's transport to take the products from our warehouse.

2. In order to receive products from our warehouse, the driver (delivery driver) should have the following documents:

  • Original of a power of attorney of the consignee in his own name;
  • Identification document (passport);
  • Documents for a car (vehicle registration certificate, trailer registration certificate, driving license).

A power of attorney must have a blue seal. Without a power of attorney, shipment will not be carried out. If identification documents are not provided, the Shipper is entitled to refuse to hand over the goods to the Buyer.

3. When shipping products using a transport company:

  • Driver (delivery driver) must provide the original of a power of attorney from the transport company.

4. Finished goods are shipped:

  • On weekdays Monday - Thursday from 13:00 (local time) to 16:00 (local time);
  • On Friday from 13:00 (local time) to 15:30 (local time).

5. The dimensions of the vehicle should correspond to the product to be loaded. The car must be side loaded.

6. The shipping documents shall be made upon receipt of the products by the Buyer's representative.

7. Upon receipt of the Products, the Buyer's representative shall sign the consignment note.

8. Prior to shipment, the buyer should specify how many sets of shipping documents must be prepared for him by the Supplier (Shipper).

For all questions, please do not hesitate to contact CJSC "FOSFOHIM" sales managers at : +7 (8482) 75-92-11

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