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The high quality of production of copper cathodes and non-ferrous metal rolling products of CJSC "FOSFOHIM" is due to the following factors:

− use of raw materials of our own production: copper cathodes of grade M00k;

− use of modern production technologies.


The basis of the production capacity of CJSC "FOSFOHIM" for the production of copper cathodes is the copper electrolysis refining workshop.

Electrolytic refining of anode copper and production of pure cathode copper includes two main stages:

− production of cathode bases;

− electrolytic refining of copper to produce commercial cathode copper.

Electrolytic refining of copper is a key process that allows to obtain cathode copper with a metal content of 99.99%. It is aimed at cleaning copper from various impurities. Further, cathode copper serves as a raw material for the production of finished copper products, including copper rod.


Copper rod at CJSC "FOSFOHIM" is produced using UPCAST ® technology from copper cathodes in a reducing medium for oxygen removal, which ensures high and stable quality of the original work billets. This technology allows to produce oxygen-free copper grade M00k

The CONFORM ® technology is used in the production of non-ferrous rolled products (copper bus bar, copper bar). Using this technology, it is possible to form a long metal rolling by continuous extrusion, in which the metal is heated to a ductile state without external heat sources due to internal friction. The products obtained using this technology do not show porosity, inclusions and local deviations in size, the surface treatment is impeccable.

All finished products undergo 100% quality control in a certified laboratory equipped with modern equipment. All products are manufactured in strict accordance with the current GOST and technical specification.


The production capacity of CJSC "FOSFOHIM" for the production of plastic lubricants is based on process units specialized in the types of products. The equipment is combined into periodic, semi-continuous and continuous process diagrams.

The company produces 28 types of lubricants for various sectors of the national economy, including plastic lubricants such as automobile, industrial, instrument, rail, heat-resistant, low-temperature, rope, conserving.

Quality control is carried out by its own laboratory, which has all the necessary equipment and qualified staff for the control of products. All products are manufactured in strict accordance with the current GOST and technical specification.

Transportation of products is carried out by road or rail. There are own railway tracks. According to the results in 2019, CJSC "FOSFOHIM" reached a production capacity of 12,000 tons lubricants per year.

The company constantly pays attention to improving production technology and introducing a new range of products into production.

Our partners are large companies from such industries as: metallurgy, engineering, mining, rail and agriculture.

Consumers of our products are the enterprises such as: JSC “MMK”, JSC “Severstal”, JSC “UAZ”, JSC “Mikhailovsky GOK”, JSC “Ural Steel”, JSC “Yuzhny kuzbass”, JSC “UralAsbest” and many other largest enterprises of Russia.